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RE: Engineers and specifications

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It's not just the younger engineers.  I've seen some interesting
examples of English from my fellow middle-aged engineers.

But to answer the original question, I never got any sort of formal
training or guidance for spec writing.  Luckily, I have a bit of a
creative writing streak in me, so I've generally managed to figure out
what I'm doing, plus I find the Masterspec we use guides me through
pretty well (bolstered by tidbits I pick up here (*grin*).  Of course,
there's always that the question of time and tight schedules; also
luckily I'm pretty good at manipulating MSWord so I can trim down a
Masterspec section fairly quickly.


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I like that one, Jim...

In my office, we say specs are "saved for the litigation phase of the

And yes, I'm the poor sod who ends up writing them...ALL OF THEM

And all the proposals...

And all the letters...

And all the memos...

Why is it that this younger group of engineers (post 1995 grads...)
has TERRIBLE writing and grammar skills?

For the most part, these "kids" speak well enough, but when it comes to

But that a discussion for another time...

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