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3000 psi concrete and special inspection

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For engineers in “high seismic risk” regions, including the West Coast:


Do you specify minimum 3000 psi concrete on all your foundations, and thus trigger special inspection?


You are required to do this per ACI 318 “Compressive strength f’c of the concrete shall be not less than 3000 psi”


-        ACI 318 Table R21.2.1 states that Foundations are included in the scope of section 21.2

-        2003 IBC confirms and reinforces this, by stating that …Seismic  Design Category D, E, or F, …foundations complying with Sections [ACI] 21.2 through 21.10 shall be used to resist [seismic].


So I understand that all foundations, including stemwalls, PEMB pedestals, etc. require special inspection.  The only exception would be isolated and strip footings.


If you state that “design basis is 2500 psi”, you are violating ACI 318, correct?


Ed Tornberg

Tornberg Consulting, LLC