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Re: construction loading on pipe culverts

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The problem may be in the wheel load, plate stiffness and span required to keep surcharge loads from the plate bearing below the spring line of the culvert.  If the 1" plate deflects at midspan over the culvert the culvert will see  most or all of the load anyway.
Sorry I don't have a rule of thumb handy that will address so many unknowns.  Try the local highway - public works facilities for their guide lines.
Ray Shreenan  SE
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Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2005 2:33 PM
Subject: construction loading on pipe culverts

I?m looking for a rule of thumb regarding how long of a 1? steel plate to lay over a shallow culvert (CMP) to keep from crushing the pipe.  I?m thinking 4x the depth to the invert and centered over the crossing.  I have several of these, depth unknown and need to get some construction equip. across them w/o replacing them.


Any thoughts?


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