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Re: 3000 psi concrete and special inspection

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Scott Maxwell wrote:


A point of contention...where the state/local jurisdiction has adopted the
IBC (or the BOCA or the SBC since they did the same) as the legal code
(aka "the law"), then ACI 318 (in whatever "flavor" [aka year]) _IS_ the
law.  The IBC code specifically references ACI 318, which technically
makes ACI 318 part of the IBC code.  Now, there will be some
exceptions/modifications included in the IBC that may modify or exempt
some sections of ACI 318.  But, make no mistake...where the IBC is the
"law", this makes ACI 318 the "law"...UNLESS the local jurisdiction/state
elects to "modify" this portion of the IBC (i.e. pass the adoption of the
IBC but the law "deletes" some sections such as the reference to ACI 318).

This is also true for other documents like the NDS, the MSJC (masonry
code), some of the AISC specs (ASD spec, LRFD spec, Seismic spec), and
some other structural standards.

This varies some from what you are used to in the UBC as the UBC does tend
to reprint alot of stuff directly in it.  The 1997 UBC has direct
provisions in the concrete chapter (it so happens that those provisions
are largely identical to ACI 318-95...but then that is because that was
the basis of the UBC's concrete provision...they just "tweaked" things a


Adrian, MI

I don't think I negated the legality of ACI or any other organization documents that are referenced in the code. The code is the law, ACI 318 is not unless it is referenced in the IBC. You stated this yourself in your e-mail and this is why we actually agree. If the municipality or state adopts a code that modifies the provisions in ACI then the IBC governs -- right or wrong. There are supporting documents that make up a legal document - these are simply the instruments of the legal community and in and other themselves have no legal significance until they are produced either in court or adopted in the form of a code or ordinance starting at the state level. The State Legislation did not adopt ACI 318 but they did adopt UBC 97 or the 2003 IBC (depending on the state) or they made changes as they have in the most current California Building Code. I hope you see my point. ACI 318 is only a reference to a legal document which is the code.


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