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Re: 3000 psi concrete and special inspection

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S. Gordin wrote:


It is "foundation", not "footing", in CBC/UBC Section 1701.5,
Therefore, stemwalls are "covered" by Exception 2 anyway...

Steve Gordin

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I have always considered the stemwall to be part of the foundation. This

has never been a problem for residential construction. I design the entire

foundation for 2500 psi and do not specify special inspection for the

concrete on the drawings. I do not do many residential jobs but on those I

have done the city plan checkers and inspectors have not questioned it. On

larger jobs I use 3000 psi concrete with special inspection for everything.

Acie Chance

Are you speaking of the exception 2 of section 1701.5? If so this refers to the need to take test specimens not whether or not the minimum compressive strength is limited to 2,500 or 3,000 psi. I agree there is an implication here, but you should take the lead from section 1921 and section 1922 that refers more to specifically to lateral resisting structural concrete or plan structural concrete. Interestingly, I would probably take the lead on this from the Prescriptive codes in Section 2320. My thinking here is that if section 1921 governed all concrete except footings, then no home could be constructed prescriptively in section 2320 as the idea that the foundation required special inspection and observation takes it out of the realm of Conventional Construction. How's this for a reach?


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