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Re: 3000 psi concrete and special inspection

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Scott Maxwell wrote:


But would you really consider walkways and patios part of the "structure"?

Section 1921.2.1.1 states:

"Section 1921 contains special requirements for design and construction of
reinforced concrete members of a STRUCTURE for which the design..." (note
I added the emphasis)

I am no sure that I would consider a walkway or patio as part of the
structure.  Beyond that, I doubt there would be very many situations where
a patio slab or walkway slab would be "resisting earthquake-induced
forces" (i.e. part of the seismic lateral system).

So, I don't think that walkways or patio slabs would require 3000 psi
concrete (unless maybe they also act as a roof slab to a lower lever and
thus maybe also as a diaphram).


Adrian, MI

Scott, Steve and Ed (and others):
Is there any doubt now that there is ambiguity in the code that relates to leaving the interpretation where it does not belong - in the courts?

This is my major issue with current codes - they are not written to be clear and concise but rather to be strongly interpretive so that it becomes a P*ssing contest as to which experts are more believable but not necessarily accurate.



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