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Re: Engineers and Lawyers

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Acie Chance wrote:

    I find it very sad that we have engineers trying to decide if a slab on
grade is a structural member or not and what section of the code they should
use to design it.  We have been turned into jail house lawyers instead of
engineers.  I was under the impression engineers used there experience and
education to make decisions on how to build structures.  Looking for
clarification between "footing" and "foundation" for a element designed with
2500 or 3000 psi concrete is very sad to me.

Acie Chance

OK attack

No attack - I also agree with you. Please read my last comment under the 3,000 psi subject. When a code committee fails to clearly define the intent of the code so that a practitioner can perform his or her work is clearly ambiguity and indicates the greater fear of legal retrobution rather than focusing on proper design. I agree - this is sad. In my mind it is clear because the corrections that I have received from the cities (and those I've issued while doing contract plan check) rarely define that fine line where UBC 1921 takes over and UBC 1922 is adequate.


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