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Steve, and Acie
Ambiguity in code is simply unacceptable and I've been trying to raise this issue into the consciousness of the structural community ever since the 97 UBC was adopted and when the ICBO Seismic Design manuals were published with known errors. Furthermore, it was disturbing to me to read the minutes of the SEAOC Seismology Committee after they required questions to the code be submitted to their specific web or e-mail address. One member of the committee suggested that there could be potential revenue obtained by answering questions related to Chapter 16 of the 97 UBC at a cost to the practitioner. This suggestions was tabled until a later date. The minutes for this meeting were removed from the server although I saved a copy somewhere on one of my computers at the time I found it. I find this type of attitude reprehensible. It suggests that flaws or sloppy work is acceptable and clarification can be offered at an additional price. This is not an opinion - it is fact. While if may be denied, I know it existed and saved the copy of the minutes and am willing to search for it if ever challenged.

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