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Re: 3000 psi concrete and special inspection

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Scott - please understand this is e-mail is not discussing the issues of ambiguity and discontinuity in the design decision process that was mentioned by Acie and Steve. We are only discussing the economic issues related to how much a practitioner is willing to pay for information necessary to serve the public. It is my opinion that we become licensed to design and if we had a local college library within reach, I would never purchase a code or support reference as I could view it for free. Paying for it is simply a convenience for access. I don't have a problem with anyone who wants to buy the full reference, but I believe that we should be able to pick a specific design method written in the reference and be able to access the sections and all related references for a reasonable fee that does not require the purchase of the entire document. This should be our choice and if ACI, for example, can not survive without selling entire documents, their marketing in todays electronic information age is seriously flawed.

Our job as professional engineers is to serve the public first. Purchasing out tools is secondary. If I don't want the full Autocad ADT 2005, then I can buy only what I need down to and including software such as Autocad LT or maintain an old copy without updating. Let's remember Roger Turk never converted from DOS to "Windoze" - he was known for using only what he needed and when I went to visit him his office (in the assisted care center before he died) consisted to two computers - one in front and one behind which he only needed to rotate his wheel chair to access. Still, he designed using no more than what he needed and I don't believe that any industry should force us to support them by purchasing more than we need.

Bottom line - as I said before - most associations simply do not know how to raise revenue by properly marketing their services to the entire community. Because of this only a small portion of the community purchase their documents or become supporting members. Ask if anyone who designs steel structures or bridges needs to purchase an AITC design manual to do a few joists.

As Mel Brooks once said, Scott "May the Schwartz be with you!"


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