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Even more fibers

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For those interested in reading about fibers,  this is a short,  but pretty good article.
If the link doesn't work,  just go to and search for fibers.
It's only two pages but includes a quote from the marketing manager of Fibermesh that admits Fibermesh is only really good for plastic shrinkage cracking.  (My personal opinion -  use an evaporation retarder instead of fibers.  Much, much better.)
The article also includes a quote from a learned professor (this one from Michigan State) that "fiber concrete is a wonderful technology."   In his opinion, the problem is that you need to double the dosage,  then fibers will control drying shrinkage. 
The learned professor does not indicate that any particular type of fiber is required,  and the article doesn't cite any of his learned research so it is hard to say to much about his learned opinion except to note that some people will say anything for money.
Gail Kelley