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Doubling a wood I-joist

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I've reviewed a house with failing (web buckling) 9
1/2" wood floor I-joists due to excessive moisture
content and incomplete connection details.  The
builder already started doubling the existing joists
with 2x10's before the inspector stopped the work and
called me in.

Is potential shrinkage of the 2x10 wood enough of a
concern that they should not be used to double up the
existing I-joists?  I can envision them losing their
bearing contact and thereby allowing the existing
buckled members to buckle even more.  The
manufacturer's product literature leads me to believe
that it is, though they don't discuss this condition
specifically.  I have already committed to changing
the solid 2x10 blocking at the bearing areas to squash
blocks and/or I-joist blocking.

I've just about answered my own question, but I don't
want to cost the homeowner excessive amounts of money
and time without being certain.

Thanks in advance,

Jim Wilson, PE
Stroudsburg, PA

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