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RE: Built-up Steel Column

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Seaint list,


I would like to thank Michael Bryson for his help off the list.  I have included in this message the text from my original post, some information that I ran across last night at home from a seminar that I attended a couple of years ago, and have copied my latest post to Michael with what I found.  If anyone else on the list has attended this seminar and can shed any light on this I would greatly appreciate the help.

J. Grill




Thanks again.  Last night I was searching through some information at home.  I don’t have room in my office at work for my entire library.  A couple of years ago I attended a seminar put on by the AISC and the Structural Stability Research Council.  I believe Joseph Yura was the speaker.  In one of the handouts there is a small amount of information on built-up columns.  Of course after this long I don’t recall what was said.  In one slide it is said that 87% of the total shear force must be designed into the end connections.  There is an example using two angles with Pu=46.8 kips.  The shear force was calculated at 16.45 Kips which is 35% of Pu.  I’m assuming this is the total shear force, therefore, 87% of that is 14.31 kips to the end connection.  I’m not sure how this value correlates to the connection.  I think a total horizontal shear.  I wish I had more information at this point with this document, but I don’t. 


In my problem using the 2% requirement for lattice the force per lattice is less than 1 kip, but following the example in the handout would give me a shear requirement at the ends of 6.2 kips.




<I am trying to design a temporary support for a corner of a building where the support has been compromised by flood waters.  Due to existing steel sizes and locations I am trying to use a built up column section comprised of two channels.  The channels will be separated by 6”.  I am considering a piece of 6” tube steel to provide the connection between the two channels to provide a built up section.  The 6” will allow the channel sections to straddle an existing 6” TS column section.  I have run all the calculations for a modified slenderness ratio as provided for in AISC LRFD section E4.  I’m having trouble finding criteria for the connection between the channels themselves to check shear for the built up section.  Any texts I have or the manual itself don’t seem to check this aspect.  Can anyone help me out?

J. Grill>





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