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Re: Looking for Structural failure pictures

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Thanks for the reminder.  In 1993 I was in contact with Dr. Richard Wright
regarding combining the efforts of
AEPIC and the Committee on Performance of Full Scale Structures of ASCE,
which I chaired. I just retrieved some of the correspondence on this.  At
that time Dr. John Loss was executive director of AEPIC which was based at
the University of Maryland; Neal Fitzsimmons was also involved in this
effort. Engineering News Record had an article on the Center in the
September 7, 1992 issue. Hope this helps.  I was unable to locate any
further information.

James Cohen, PE
James Cohen Consulting, PC

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Forgive my efforts at pulling this out of distant memory, but I'll do my
best. Some time back, maybe 15 - 20 years ago, there was a group formed
called something like AEPIC - Architecture and Engineering Performance
Information Center ??? They were going to collect data on failures and make
it available, somehow. I don't know if they ever got anything collected or

Bob Shaw

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