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Re: Looking for Structural failure pictures

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Rhkratzse(--nospam--at) wrote:

Yes, AEPIC was formed for just that purpose, and published a few papers, as I recall, but then sort of faded away for just the reason we're discussing--legal concerns and limited information. I believe it was more like 30 years ago. Maybe everybody has to be dead before a failure can be discussed. I wonder how the medical profession handles this situation. Surely they don't keep major failings secret for fear of lawsuits, do they? And the automobile industry is forced to publicize their failings.

I know nothing about this, but I can assure you my first thought was "criminy, can you imagine what a lawyer like my favorite Texas shyster would do if they had some legal assistant--I think they have people doing this on a continuing basis--turn this up in a web search? They'd round up a 'class' ASAP and just start 'fire-and-forget' lawsuits in continuous mode until they hit some substantial target."

We live in the age of do-nothing Sharks called "trial lawyers" continually circling around those who have the audacity to actually PRODUCE SOMETHING for a living. We have to be always conscious of that.

And remember: The last thing the Sharks want us for us to come up with better ships and better lifeboats. How would they eat?

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