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OT: Digital Camera

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I just purchased a new Digital Camera (for about two hundred less than I paid six years ago for my 640x480 Sony Mavica 3-1/2" floppy disk camera) and found a website that was just great in helping me narrow down my search. The website is located at: .

I wanted a camera that was more of an enthusiast's camera, but could not spend the $1000.00 plus for a digital SLR. I also wanted a camera that allowed me to use an SD card (secure digital) so that I could unplug it from the camera and slip it into my Dell Axim (for your information - Best Buy currently has a 512-Mb SD-card with free delivery and a $10.00 mail in rebate until 2/26 for a net price of around $47.00) for viewing and later printing. My HP photoJet printer also accepts direct printing from a number of cards so I can bypass my office computer if need be.

I ended up choosing the Casio Exilim Pro P-700 a 7.1 Megapixel small body camera and purchased it online from BuyDig.Com for around $457.00. The camera is excellent and the review on the webpage I mentioned above consisted of a professional review of about 20 pages in length that went into great detail and is constantly updated. There were one or two other camera's in the 7.1 Megapixel range that rated slightly higher (this one got a Recommended / Highly Recommended rating) and doing side by side comparisons I finally made the decision.

I am using the camera 95% of the time for work and have noticed that because of the high resolution I am able to see details that were not possible in my old Sony.

While my purpose is not to to suggest this camera, I found the website extremely helpful where C/Net, PC Magazine and Computer Shopper were somewhat conflicting in their reviews. C/Net found me the best price (no shipping or tax to California from New Jersey) and I did pay an extra $14.00 for second day Fed Ex shipping. I ordered in on Thursday and it arrived yesterday and I am using it in about an hour to take pictures of a remodel where I need to record the as-built condition of the two story residence I have been hired to work on.

If you happen to own a Casio Exilim, please write me privately. I do have a few questions if you tend to play with manual settings and do some hobby shooting.

BTW, C/Net ( rates their online merchants and must maintain a good rating for at least one or two months without complaints in order to be recommended. BuyDig shipped what I ordered at the price quoted. They worried me somewhat as they did not provide me with an invoice at the time of shipment to confirm what was charged to my credit card (I asked twice). This may be due to a problem they had with their web page that required me to call them by phone to place the order. They did send a tracking number confirming when it was shipped (next day) but I did worry that I might have been sent the P600 (a 6 megapixel camera) rather than the latest P700. Everything turned out fine and I can recommend for electronic purcases.

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