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Re: OT: Digital Camera

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Paul Crocker wrote:

You may also enjoy the reviews and operation tips at the following web sites:

They were very useful in helping me select my Fuji E550 from a few weeks ago. Although many reviews consider anything over 3-4 MP to be excessive for most uses, I agree with what you are saying about capturing fine details. I sometimes notice small details in my pictures that I didn't notice in person. That hasn't been crucial for a job yet, but it is nice to have just in case.
Paul Crocker, PE, SE

I guess it goes back to the days of my Canon A1 and having my own B&W darkroom. I have been waiting for a camera that would come close to film and while I would have loved to wait for the Leica or Nikon body and lens SLR digital - I needed something practical for my office and I do love this camera. It kind of reminds me of the Leica only because it has a range-finder view, but most of the shots are set up on the 2" LCD. Still, I like using the range-finder although it is basic - you don't even have a focus aperture, you guess where it would be when viewing through the camera. It does follow the zoom lens and Canon does offer some good add-on's including filters and wide-angle attachments. I will say this, though - there are better cameras, but like most of us, we choose it based on the features and on the media that we might be able to use in other devices. In this case an SD-card was important to go from the camera into my Pocket PC to view the pictures or into my laptop or TV.

Good luck with your camera - I am looking forward to taking more pictures now and feel like I've returned to an old hobby.



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