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Re: Digital Camera

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I'll second that.  I also find it handy that *all* of my digital photos are instantly available to me on my hard drive when someone calls after a project is completed, whereas the paper files and printed photos are in a storage locker miles away.  And this happened only because my film camera died a year ago and I was forced to "go digital" with some trepidation.  I hadn't anticipated all the advantages of digital. 

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"I stuck the camera into some dark places in the attic and it came back with a beautifully balanced picture showing me exactly what I wanted to know."

The improved access is a nice feature to consider for folks that do a lot of rehabilitation and upgrade work.  I was in the crawl-space of a family member's house a few weeks ago looking at some repairs that had been done by a third party to verify whether the work was complete.  There were a number of things I wanted to see that I couldn't physically reach because of duct or other obstruction.  I was, however, able to reach my arm over the ducts with the camera and take a picture of the areas I couldn't otherwise see.  It was very nice.  It was also nice to instantly show my "client" exactly what had been done and what had not been done. 

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