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Re: 5/8" Anchor Bolts

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Chris -

> Bolts with "rolled threads" I guess they call them (in lieu of cut threads).

I think you mean "upset" thread, since the minor diameter of a 5/8-11
is 0.5135 (within 0.050 of 9/16) whereas the major diameter is 0.625.
Rolled and cut threads both have minor diameters less than the stock
material diameter.

Technically, rolled vs cut threads depends on how the threads are
formed onto the rod (bolt).  If you "cut" them, material is removed
after the rod has cooled/hardened.  If you "roll" them, the threads
are pressed into the rod while it is still hot, creating plastic
flow.  People have differing opinions about whether or not cut
threads are "as good as" rolled threads.

CAVEAT:  This is info I recall from talking to our local ME.
My memory or his info might be faulty (more likely the former
than the latter).

Are these anchor bolts acceptable as a 5/8" diameter anchor bolt?  I say no
but am interested in what you guys have to say.

Personally, I'd reject them assuming that I couldn't actually
make the shear/uplift numbers work for a 9/16 rod.  Remember that
they contribute additional deflection if they are used for HD anchors.
It's about a 20% reduction in area going from 5/8 to 9/16.

I understood that the typical anchor rod spec is ASTM F1554,
rather than ASTM A307.  Is A307 typically spec'd in your area?


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