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Re: 5/8" Anchor Bolts

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Christopher Haffner wrote:

I have a residential job where the installed anchor bolts (for sill plate
anchorage) are 9/16" diameter at the shank but 5/8" diameter at the threads.
A standard 5/8" nut fits on the bolts.  Bolts with "rolled threads" I guess
they call them (in lieu of cut threads).  AISC A307 - 5/8" diameter bolts
were specified.
Are these anchor bolts acceptable as a 5/8" diameter anchor bolt?  I say no
but am interested in what you guys have to say.
Haffner Consulting Engineering
I would say that they "probably" are acceptable as the object is to secure the sole plate or mudsill to the foundation to resist shear. In reality, the bolt will always be stronger than the wood but the portions that matter will be both the shank above the threads and the bearing pressure of the plate washers that should be required if you are in a high-seismic region (where is 541 area code). You can ask the contractor for the specifications on the bolt to see what they are rated for and compare them to the A307 - 5/8" diameter anchor bolt, and you can also run the numbers for shear on the plate based on the information you received to verify this - increase the number of bolts and washers as needed to meet minimum compliance. My gut tells me that unless you are dealing with a high load shearwall or proprietary panel that these bolts should be okay to use.

There was a problem with A325F bolts at one time - knockoffs. However, I would not think that is the problem in this case.


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