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Re: Hairy Slabs

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Will Haynes wrote:

I have never seen a slab with fibers sticking out of the surface, but I understand that apparently with time and light they wear away. But in the meantime, wouldn't the fibers stick into the feet of anyone that walked on the slab barefooted?

Will Haynes

If you are walking on a bare slab then you may have a point. You can also run a torch over the slab to burn away the fibers that protrude without doing harm to anything below. Furthermore, there should be few fibers to come through if you are finishing the slab with various coatings or by polishing - most of these will embed any loose fibers (or should at any rate).

I can tell you that my wife and I walked on a bare slab for a few years until we could afford to have our tiles laid. Bare concrete is very hard on the feet as they tend to dry out the skin and in drier climates cause heavy calluses and cracking of those calluses. A finished tile floor or carpet is much easier on the feet, so I would not be as concerned about the fibers as I would about the damage to the feet that comes from the ingredients of the concrete that affect the skin.


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