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FEMA 350 & Composite Steel Beams

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I have a two framed floor steel structure above a partial basement level essential facility in seismic design category D. The floor system will be 3.25 inches of 115 pcf light-weight concrete topping on a 3” composite steel deck for a total slab thickness of 6.25 inches. The proposed lateral force resisting system will be special steel moment frames with a reduced beam section type of pre-qualified connection. FEMA 350 explicitly forbids the use of welded shear studs on the moment frame beams between the column face and the plastic hinge.


Are others designing the moment frame beams as a “bare beam” without any shear studs on the entire member? Or, are you placing shear studs on the member, but only away from the plastic hinge location? Please note that my question refers to the frame beams only, as non-moment-frame beams will be simply supported ordinary composite steel beams.


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