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Re: Digital Camera

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On Feb 24, 2005, at 7:59 AM, Jordan Truesdell, PE wrote:

Despite one or two some pretty sill oversights in the Canon G6, I find the flip-out LCD viewfinder to be invaluable in these type of situations.
For anyone _not_ considering a digital camera for field work, like I used to, there are plenty more plusses that go way beyond film vs. pixels.

The first thing is that the instant feedback from each shot improves your abiity to get good shots. I indulged myself last summer taking close-ups of flowers in the local woods, and it's had a huge affect on how I compose good close-up shots of details for forensic investigation. Repetition and feed-back are the best learning tools in the world.

The fact that you're not 'wasting film' also makes it easier to try a bunch of shots of the same weird detail, know that one of them will probably be absolutely perfect and the rest cost nothing and are disposable.

Short 'videos' showing stuff like start-up sequences or walk-arounds with a voice-over really help recall important details better than written notes.

There are Photoshop techniques for dealing with perspective which allow you to make passable measurements from digital photographs.

Color perception issues needn't be issues any more

No problem making six sets of prints for everyone and his lawyer

Photo layouts for trial exhibits are easy to do.

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