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RE: OUT ON A LIMB: Showing Sample Documents on My Company Website

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> I want some opinions here.

Then you came to the right place.  We have an excess of opinions here.  Feel
free to take a dozen or so.

I believe your web site is

> But I'm worried about "liability issues," of course. Having the "bug"
> generally ups my paranoia level beyond "normal" anyway, but I do think
> that a picture (or a drawing or a report) is worth a thousand words.

If this is a concern the simple solution is to ask the client if they mind.
Some clients might want the added exposure, some will not.  The worst cast
might be that the clients want you to remove their name and contact
information from the plans, but you can probably still use them as a

Even if you missed an error on the documents on your site I don't see a huge
added legal liability.  If there is a lawsuit the other party will subpoena
your design information anyway.  

> FWIW, the documents are in PDF format and I've made it where they cannot
> be altered or saved--you might want to check that out for me as well.
> BUT they can be viewed in all their gory details including client name,
> etc.

Nope, I was able to save several drawings and calculation reports
(right-click menu on the link, then "Save Target As...").  There are ways to
prevent right-click saving, but I don't know what they are.

Also, even if you disable the "Save" and "Save As" items in the File menu
while viewing the item a user can get them back by refreshing the page with

What you apparently did successfully was prevent someone from messing with
the documents in Adobe Acrobat.  So even though I have a copy of your
documents all I can do is print them.


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