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Re: Digital Camera

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On Feb 24, 2005, at 10:02 AM, Rich Lewis wrote:

I thought I had heard that digital pictures are not admissible as evidence because
they can easily be altered.  Is that true?
Film can be easily altered, too. If you need to go to the trouble of putting your license in jeopardy, you can scan a strip of 35 mm film, alter the picture content and put the altered content back on another strip in an afternoon. As a practical matter there are always several people taking photographs at an accident site, so if someone does something outrageous to his pictures it's pretty obvious. I may also ask my client if he has a problem with digital photographs. If so I'll take digital for my use and film photos also.

I keep the original memory card at least until everyone has the copies they need and the originals are copied to a CD. Then I'll usually get permission to overwrite the card or entrust it to someone else. When I do trial exhibits, I always keep a copy of the original, whether it's film or digital, so anyone can see that my exhibit accurately reflects the scene, even though I've annotated it and maybe highlighted some detail for clarity.
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