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Re: OUT ON A LIMB: Showing Sample Documents on My Company Website

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Roger Davis wrote:

I was impressed with your web site and I think that what you are showing and
saying in most cases is enough to get your message across without offending
an owner - except - it really doesn't add anything to your message to imply
that the owner wouldn't have fixed the building until his tenant forced him
to do that.  I am sure the owner would not like your portrayal of his
attitude to become common knowledge.  I would recommend that you make your
clients aware of what you are doing.  There may be no legal basis for them
to object; but, if they do object, you do not want a potential client
talking to them even if the project were a huge success.
Actually, the tenant was my client :-)

I don't think there's enough information there to easily ascertain the owner's identification, is there? I only remember (it was a few years ago) that it was one of these REITs that was actually the "owner." Some lawyer with a Brooklyn accent called me about it after they got my report.

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