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Re: Digital Camera

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GSKWY(--nospam--at) wrote:

At least on my camera (an Olympus) , the date is something I set. I think if I right-now set the date to Jan 12, and go take a picture, the EXIF file for that picture will say Jan 12.
This can become an issue when the argument is not over what happened,  but when it happened.

How is this a digital photo issue, though?

Processed prints will have a date on them--and who's to say you didn't finagle that yourself as well?

I have heard other "legal" arguments against digital photography but they would apply to old-fashioned film photography is well

It's like the argument "I don't use my credit card to buy things on the 'net because I'm afraid someone will steal it," whereas anyone could steal your C.C. info in any number of ways that are far less safe than a secured internet link.

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