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Re: structural fee for apartment

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You may be interested in a project I didn't get. It was a full
repair/renovation of a 6-story 3-building 90 year old masonry, steel,
timber, concrete building (yes, all the materials were there, of differing
ages). There were crumbling basements, deteriorated floors, rusted steel,
seismic upgrade, code upgrade, change of use, the whole shebang. I had done
the original condition evaluation, which included taking cores for strength
and petro testing. Based on the scope and condition of the building, I
estimated between $70-80k for the entire effort from design through site
supervision. An engineer got the project for $20k. I was told my fee was
outrageous. The engineer dropped out of the job a few months later with no
work product. Unfortunately, the client was too embarrassed to call me back.
I'm anticipating a possible project in the future to fix the fix.

James Cohen, PE
James Cohen Consulting, PC

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