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Re: Digital Camera

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Drew Morris wrote:
Christopher Wright wrote:

On Feb 24, 2005, at 10:32 AM, GSKWY(--nospam--at) wrote:

However, with digital photos,  you can set the date on your camera,  and thus the photos are date-stamped whatever you want.  You need to have some other way of substantiating the date.

Yet another reason to use a Mac. iPhoto does exactly that--time stamps each jPeg with the date they were developed. Of course, you can always fiddle the time and date your computer displays, but then again you can slip the photo developer $20 to change the date on the prints, too. OTOH, since you've got your own time records, which you've also submitted to your client, the inspection date can usually be cross-checked if you forget.
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On most digital camers, each JPEG contains the EXIF information that details such as the camera used, the settings and the date taken and other information.  I don't believe that this can be edited, but probably hacked.  If you touch up a photo, the file date and time will change, but the EXIF date and time will remain the same.

Yes, I've noticed that my Casio does this as well. There is a database that not only tells you when the picture was taken but the time of day, the aperture and shutter speed, and a bunch of other settings. So if you do a coupling shot - combining two shots on the same background. For example if you have twins in the picture doing different tasks, it may be the same person shot twice on the same background. In this case, the database discloses this information. It also produces an HTML format drawing set to scan and view the pictures you have taken.

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