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Re: OUT ON A LIMB: Showing Sample Documents on My Company Website

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Caldwell, Stan wrote:

Dennis Wish wrote:

Frack! (Battlestar Galactica fans) - you mean to tell me that I finally agree with Stan Caldwell about something. Thanks "Big Honcho" - your professional pracitce codes are aligned with ours in California.


Since Dennis and I apparently agree, you would best be advised to ignore
us!  Did Hell just freeze over?
Nope, you guys always agree when you disagree with me.

It's called "triangulation," I guess.

FWIW, I've redacted as much as I could, but already this afternoon I was able to point a potential client to one of the design documents, and got considerable interest. If he gets the job, IOW, I get the job.

And I NEED the job!

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