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Re: Digital Camera

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If you know that time is an issue, take the digital images, print them immediately, have them notarized.

At 11:50 PM 2/24/2005 -0500, you wrote:
Well, since I have lost the instruction book that tells me how to change the date on my camera, I am stuck with my photos having the correct date.

But I am intrigued now, don't all digital cameras allow the user to set the date?

The time I ran into a problem, basically all sides were looking to discount anything they could. I actually considered it a valid point - if I knew how, I could have set the date on my camera to be whatever I wanted.

In the same situation, I would probably consider someone else's digital photos to be inadmissable.

If the whole case rests on who did something, and who did it depends on when it was done, there is a lot of incentive to be careful about the authenticity of dated material.

Gail Kelley

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