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Re: Picasa2

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G Vishwanath wrote:

Thanks for that lead.
I downloaded and installed it.
I have still not explored it fully but even now I can
say it's superb.

Verily is it said "The best things in life are free."

Not long ago another sweet little gem of a utility
came  "a floating" in Cyberspace. I pounced on it and
added it to my basket.

Its called Turbo note.

It allows you to paste yellow sticky notes on your
computer screen.
Move it around, resize it, hide it, delete it, do any
thing with it.
I am finding it very useful.
The installable file is about 0.5 Mb and it installs
in a second or two with no difficult questions to
answer, no ads, no banners, no nuisance.
Mail me privately if any one is interested.
Bangalore, India

I have the Post-It notes I purchased a few years ago. I will still look at the TurboNotes to see how that does in comparison.

What I would like is a Mozella product or add-in that will allow me to sync with my Pocket PC. I have used Outlook for years and then switched over to ThunderBird which is more powerful than Outlook Express, but not quite as powerful as the full Outlook Program. I have my appointements on my PPC and now have linked my camera with my Dell Axim X3i. I would like to be able to coordinate tasks and notes from within Thunderbird on to myPPC so I assume that there are some program yet to be released to start weaning off of the MS products.

Thanks for the link - I need to add these free-ware recommendations to the Structuralist.Net website, but I have been late in being able to work on my website with so much to do.



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