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Re: New Motherboard

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Arvel L. Williams, P.E. wrote:

The ODBC was a recent problem I have that is unrelated to yours. During the installation process Ulead will notify you that two files are required to run, at least my installation did. If it is just related to the hardware change, I bet its the video driver. First check the manufacturer's website for an updated driver and install if found. Then try turning the setting down. Also, how much video memory do you have and is is a so called "shared memory" video system? I have had real problem with the shared systems and don't buy them anymore. Thanks Arvel

I would agree with Arvel - ASUS makes excellent boards and I've used them and Abit for years. I don't think the software is hung up in the BIOS settings or the motherboard upgrade with a couple exceptions. As Arvel noted, the problem may be due to the video system. The older boards used PCI video cards while the new boards have Video built into the board for non-game players. OR if you have installed a video care it uses one of the updated slots (I never added the video card, but I think it is called an AGI something or AGP something). The point is that you will notice the difference as the newer video cards require a special slot that isincluded on the new boards. If you updated your video card in the process, there may be a conflict with the video card drivers.

At any rate - searching on Google or one of your favorite search engins should lead you to a user forum for the video card manufacturer OR for the ASUS board (I think there is a user group on the UseNet). Look on the website for the board and for the video card to see if there is a discussion related to the conflict.

I also found that CPU Magazine which I have a subscription to, is a "gamer's" magazine that has a users forum on their website. If the ASUS board is a higher end board that appeals to gamers then you should be able to get a reasonable answer to your question on this forum. I am not a gamer, but the magazine appeals to those who build their own systems and those who modify the appearance of their computs (with windows of plastic and neon lights, custom colors etc). These are called "Mod's" and CPU appeals most to those who modify their systems to always have the newest and best regardless of cost.

CPU has evolved and is now appealing to a wider market - still involved with coders and those who wish to display their powerful Mod's but also those who rely upon cellular communication using the Internet, PDA's and many others. The website also lists all bios and software updates available for most of the motherboards and graphic cards since this is the core of interest to those who read the magazine.

Give this a try to find out where the problem is. Have you considered moving from W2K to XP Professional or Home?



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