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Re: Digital Camera

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Daryl Richardson wrote:

I don't know much about American Law; but if it's anything like Canadian law it would be a case of YOU giving evidence that YOU took the photographs and that YOU are testifying that they are correct and unaltered. I believe it would be a case of YOUR credibility and personal integrity being accepted or rejected, not the camera's reliability. In any case I think it would not be the facts that would be in dispute but the interpretation of what those facts mean. In the notorious O.J. case, for example, the existence of the glove as seen in the photographs was not disputed; it was who left it that was in dispute as well as the credibility of the police officer giving testimony. Regards, H. Daryl Richardson

It boils down to don't trust anyone in court - including the expert witnesses that are suppose to be above this kind of foolishness. This is where the courts get bogged down - experts who bias their reports to those who pay them. In my opinion, the court should hire at least three experts acting as an expert tribunal who is paid by the court system. It is not a perfect solution, but it is much more fair than having a professional "p*ssing" contest judged by whomever has the greatest curriculum vitae!!!!


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