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Re: New Motherboard

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vicpeng wrote:

No. I only put in the new board and re-connected everything. My conundrum is that everything else seems to be doing fine. Thor

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    vicpeng wrote:

> > My new board is an Asus P4P800 SE. Could it be that some software
    > doesn't work on some systems??

    Did you reinstall the OS?

Doesn't matter. Typically it's best to plan on reinstalling the Operating System after a MoBo upgrade. Sometimes the system will boot up after the upgrade, but often it will not. Either way, things will likely "break" unless you do this.

It's not a bad idea anyway, because with Windows systems, unfortunately, the system degrades over time anyway. One ought always to plan for a complete reinstall about once a year. It's not that big a deal with the "Save Program Options," etc., feature.

I suspect if you reinstall, everything will work again. Bummed drivers, more than likely.

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