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Re: New Motherboard

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Bill Polhemus wrote:

vicpeng wrote:

No. I only put in the new board and re-connected everything. My conundrum is that everything else seems to be doing fine. Thor

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    vicpeng wrote:

> > My new board is an Asus P4P800 SE. Could it be that some software
    > doesn't work on some systems??

    Did you reinstall the OS?

Doesn't matter. Typically it's best to plan on reinstalling the Operating System after a MoBo upgrade. Sometimes the system will boot up after the upgrade, but often it will not. Either way, things will likely "break" unless you do this.

It's not a bad idea anyway, because with Windows systems, unfortunately, the system degrades over time anyway. One ought always to plan for a complete reinstall about once a year. It's not that big a deal with the "Save Program Options," etc., feature.

I suspect if you reinstall, everything will work again. Bummed drivers, more than likely.

Bill is right! In fact there was an article about this in both PC Magazine and CPU - both recommending a reinstallaion of the operating system as it will get rid of all viruses, spyware, adware and instructions in your registry that are not being used as well as those that are installed and may be conflicting with your drivers. I must admit ignorance of W2K - I thought it was an NT based OS which is also true of XP. However, I understood that W2k is more of a network operating system tool. Assuming it is similar to XP or NT then the reinstallaion will help. Look too at your device manager to see if there is any error messages given for your hardware. Although you put everything back the way it was, you changed the motherboard. I had one motherboard that was a great Pentium II but it would not install Windows XP and I ended up going to the local PC Club (there is one out here to my pleasure) and buying what I needed to construct my new Pentium 4 so I could get the system online with XP.

If you boot up and hit F8 will you be allowed to go through the loading of drivers one at a time. I would disable most of your hardware components and bring them back online one at a time to see where the problem may be located. The motherboard issues new instructions and there may be an incompatibility here - the reason why you need to see if there is (and I do think so) a ASUS users forum.



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