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FW: O.T. Digital Photos and free Picasa2

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I sent this yesterday, but not sure if it went through.
I've been using it for a while and really like it.  Also check out the companion (or stand alone) software for sharing photos at, both are well made and clean software, and free.
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Subject: O.T. Digital Photos and free Picasa2

Recently Google purchased a piece of software that searches your hard drives for almost every digital format picture as well as mp3 and mpeg and avi (and other media). It shows you the thumbprint and organizes the folders and pictures by a timeline. You can move pictures (I found a lot of jobs that I shot pictures of back a few years that were still on my harddrive including my "Hall of Shame" for conventional construction errors) to other locations and also alter them to get rid of red eye, lighten them, modify colors as much as you can do with ACDSee or Photoshop - AND IT IS FREE. Google is giving this away and I installed it last night - WOW!

Go to to download the free version. It is more powerful than most of you might think at first glance and has taken the place of any other program I use to organize my photo's. for the download.

This is a nice surprise for us Digital Geeks 8-)

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