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Re: New Motherboard

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On Feb 25, 2005, at 4:41 PM, Charley Hamilton wrote:

Win2k is/was NT5.  WinXP Pro was NT6 (sorta) with some of the Win9x/ME
flavor thrown in to create a more "user friendly" front end to the
NT-style back end.  This of course also led to the much maligned (IMHO
well-deserved) WinXP Home, the bastard child of NT and ME. "Users can't handle having to log in a Administrator to install programs." Yeah, right.
How do Wintel users stand it? It must be like being shackled to a horse which needs its head cut off and replaced every couple of years. Constantly sweeping up behind and the personality swings seem a high price to pay for not having to walk everywhere.

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