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Re: New Motherboard

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Christopher Wright wrote:

How do Wintel users stand it? It must be like being shackled to a horse which needs its head cut off and replaced every couple of years. Constantly sweeping up behind and the personality swings seem a high price to pay for not having to walk everywhere.

They "stand it" because the software they need to do their work runs on Windows.

I have personally made an appeal to each major productivity software product I use--Visual Analysis, Autocad, Woodworks, and others--asking if they would consider a port to Linux. Linux makes far more sense than MacOS ever will because (a) the hardware's a non-issue--it'll run on anything pretty much; and (b) the TCO is the lowest of any platform. Linux makes an incredibly good desktop/workstation OS, as good and solid as the old *NIX workstation platforms ever were, with far more observance of standards and of course with a great deal more speed at a far lower price.

But they uniformly respond "no, we've committed to the Windows platform, and we have such a stake in it that we could never pull out."

So there you go.

Of course, I haven't yet given any thought to switching to Win4Lin ( The newest version now runs Windows 2K and XP (before it was only Windows 98 and Me). That will probably be the death knell for "native Windows" for me.

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