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Re: FW: O.T. Digital Photos and free Picasa2

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Yi Yang wrote:

I sent this yesterday, but not sure if it went through.
I've been using it for a while and really like it. Also check out the companion (or stand alone) software for sharing photos at <>, both are well made and clean software, and free.

Thank you,
I got your original message today and I don't understand why there has been delay or lost mail. I received an e-mail (or rather it never arrived) by a family member who sent me another e-mail that said "if you receive this then you received my last e-mail" - but I did not. Neither were redirected as spam or caught in my virus protection.

At any rate - thank you for the link. - I will download to share photos because most of them are over 3-megs in size due to using the full resolution rather than downgrading it. I have not used the TIFF or Raw mode (mine won't create RAW files). I assume it writes the photo's into an HTML page like Picasa2 or the software that came with the Camera.

I assume that most of these cameras provide excellent quaity prints compared to my only other one - the original Sony Mavica 640x480 camera. I used to think that these were great shots until I moved up into this higher resolution, feature laden camera. The other thing that is difficult to get used to is that it is so small and to protect it I have a strap that goes around the wrist so it won't be damaged if dropped - it makes shaking hands difficult because you end up swinging the camera into the client which is not always appreciated depending upon where contact is made.

I will use the strap and camera on with clients that I can't stand :-)


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