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Re: New Motherboard

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On Feb 25, 2005, at 8:02 PM, Bill Polhemus wrote:

They "stand it" because the software they need to do their work runs on Windows.
I hear you. But it drives me nuts. Like someone telling me I have to go around shackled to a horse because some marketing droid thinks he knows best. Lucky for me I've figured out ways around it. Corporate IT is pretty much stuck with Windows because big companies stick with what they've got. They've always paid big bucks for IT and most top management doesn't know enough to figure out how they spend the money. No skin off my nose.

Linux makes far more sense than MacOS ever will because (a) the hardware's a non-issue--it'll run on anything pretty much; and (b) the TCO is the lowest of any platform.
My horse analogy applies to UNIX vs Windows as well as Mac vs Windows. UNIX is great. Macs are UNIX boxes right out of the shrink wrap. If it runs on UNIX, the source code probably compiles for a Mac, using the C-compiler that's bundled. Plenty of source code hanging around for someone who wants to compile it. My son compiles UNIX code from Sourceforge for light entertainment. I spent a lot of time on some UNIX boxes a few years ago and got fairly good with shell scripts and a few text processing utilities. I don't much like a pure command line interface becasue I'm such a crappy typist, but I could live with it. especially if I've got an aqua interface on all the rest of the stuff I run like Microsoft Office or the Adobe Creative suite.

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