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Picasa2 and Hello for sharing pictures over secure connection

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Yi Yang suggested an additional program that adds into Picasa2 the
recent free software from Google that helps you organize your pictures
and multi-media files on your hard drives or LAN network. Hello is a
program that allows you to send pictures to specific friends (which I
believe could be members of a Listservice). All of this is free to the
user since Google is supported by advertising and by references to
commercial websites that pay for users who purchase through the link on

At any rate, we were discussing the sharing of photos of structural
defects or problems that we might need some peer help with. To make it
work, each participant must have Hello and Picasa2 although you can
e-mail photo's directly embedded in your letter without these programs,
I think that they send a thumbnail of the photo and if it is something
you want to download, you click on the thumbnail and the connection is
made to the senders computer (assuming broadband connection) for printing.

I need to play around with this and was wondering who else out there is
currently using the software and would be willing to play around with
the software in order to develop a professional use of it. It can also
embed pictures into a Blog, but this requies that you use their web
based Blogger software - and this doesn't work for me as I can not use
it to embed pictures on my Wordpress Blog.

Right now I am embeding pictures into my Blog (I've only done it once)
by uploading the photo to my website storage and then referenceing the
document from my webhosting surface that will appear in the blog.

I really am interested in how others deal with pictures that they share
either with family or professionally. You can contact me privately
unless others on the stie want to read it here.



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