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Re: New Motherboard ... computers, motherhood and apple pie ...

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First I'd like to admit that I'm a computer idiot, although I spend ten hours a day staring at my 2 Macs.   Everything you've written is completely Greek to me.  And I wouldn't even THINK of digging into their insides.  (The computers, not the Greeks.)

Second, if cars were like computers we'd all need to be mechanics, hire a chauffeur, and have a tow truck as our second "car," wouldn't we?

Do ya think they'll ever make "personal computers" (of every ilk) actually personable??????

Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.

In a message dated 2/25/05 7:44:50 PM, dennis.wish(--nospam--at) writes:

You confirmed what I knew. When I first started using XP it was imposing
on me as I never connected my computers via LAN and did not understand
the ideology of setting up a network or needing to have an
administrator. In time, I set up a wireless LAN between three computers
and found it difficult to coordinate them using the Window's network
help. However, each piece of hardware came with a program to help make
the installation easier. I worked through the Orinoco, Belkin, DLink and
finally Linksys. Belkin took a number of upgrades of their software
until I was able to easily make the connection and DLink was the worst
when it came to setting up a gateway. Linksys was the best and the most
reliable, so I ended up buying the Linksys 802.11b and g wireless router
and using Belkin card on one laptop and on an older laptop, I used the
Belkin USB network card and on my tower unit that is embedded into my
office furniture, I had better results with the Linksys USB network card
that is mounted above my monitor.
My point is that XP forced users to rethink how computers will effect
their lives - the same information that those using NT and W2k
understand. NT and W2k were originally network intended operating systems.

Anyway - thanks for your reply as I know understand that W2k is
essentially similar to XP.