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Summer Internship(IIT Bombay)

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Dear Sir,

I am junior undergraduate student at the Indian Institute of Technology
(IIT), Bombay. I am currently in the third year of my Bachelor of
Technology (B. Tech) program at the Department of Civil Engineering. I am
highly interested in doing an internship in the field of Structural

I am very keen to work as an intern for a period of three months during
the span of May-July 2005. I want to know whether any of you offer any
summer internship programs for students and if possible can I use this
opportunity to work with you.

Sir, Kindly go through my projects summary and informations about courses
undertaken at IIT(Detailed Below) and advise me about my chances of being
admitted for summer Internship in your research group.I would be glad to
send you any other information and would welcome any suggestions you may
like to offer.

Thank You for precious time .

Dhawal Agarwal
3rd Year Undergraduate Student,
Department of Civil Engineering
IIT Bombay

Project Summary:

?I have completed a research project titled ?Finite element based
techniques for  non-linear Analyses of membranes with wrinkles under
dynamic conditions? sponsored by  Indian Space Research Organization
(ISRO) at Indian Institute of Science (IISc),  Bangalore under the
guidance of Ass. Prof. Debasish Roy from May 20 2004 to July 2  2004. In
the above mention project I spent some time for understanding the
mechanics  of formations of wrinkles in membranes and dealing with
techniques for the removal of  ill conditioning in the system equations,
which describe membrane deformations.

?As a part of the project work assigned during the ?Civil Engineering
Drawing? course  we submitted a paper on construction of a residential
building. During the project  work I learnt principles of planning,
relation of frame work details, floors and  roofing systems, masonry, load
bearing and non-load bearing walls, working drawings of  building using
AUTOCAD 2004, quantity surveying and estimating the cost of residential 
building, specifications and analysis of rates.


?Introduction to civil engineering: rudiments of structural engineering,
soil mechanics, GPS, GIS, Hydraulics engineering.

?Mathematics-I, Riemann integral and the fundamental theorem of integral
calculus.Approximate integration. Partial derivatives, Lagrange
multipliers. Exact differentials

?Mathematics-II, Vector fields, surface integrals, line integrals,
independence of path, conservative fields, divergence, curl, Green's
theorem, Transformations, Invariance of divergence and curl, Vector
spaces. Inner products

?Mathematics-III, differential equations, Ordinary linear differential
equations of nth order, operator method, Methods of undetermined
coefficients and variation of parameters.

?Civil Engineering Drawing on AutoCAD 2002, in which we were required to
work on 2D as  well as 3D models.

?Structural mechanics, Analysis of statically determinate structures,
cable structures, paneled structures, arches, suspension bridges.

?Design of Structures-slab design;simply supported,continuous and two way-
Beam design; rectangular;tee, ell;column- Concentric, eccentric, short  
and long columns  - Footing:simple,combined-staircases-joint detailing.


1 Structural Mechanics III
2 Design of Steel Structures
3 Transportation Engineering
4 Soil Mechanics II
5 Design Laboratory II
6 Geodesy


Programming languages: BASIC, C, C++, JAVA and FORTRAN 90
Scripting Languages  : HTML, DHTML
Platform             : DOS, WINDOWS, UNIX, Linux, SOLARIS
Packages used        : AutoCAD, MATLAB, and ANSYS

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