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Re: Embedding pictures into Reports

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Dennis -

I use a 6MP Nikon D100 (okay, I'm a camera geek) for my research
photos.  Typically, I post-process the images in Photoshop to
reduce resolution to 300dpi each way for small (LxW.leq.4x6)
images, and 600dpi each way for larger (full page) image.

Any powerpoint presentations I do, I use the full image so
that the projected image doesn't pixellate badly.

I've never fiddled extensively with Word, so I'm not sure
about the effects of cut-and-paste vs pre-processing the
image.  I just keep the smaller images on hand to make my life
easier whem communicating with funding agencies.  The larger ones
get burned to CD for reference or if I want to zoom in on a key
area.  One of my students used ACDSee (sp?) to batch process photos
for a research program a couplle of months ago and that seemed to
work quite well.  I think he said ACDSee was much cheaper than
Photoshop, as long as you didn't need some of the more advanced
features in the Adobe products.



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