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RE: Embedding pictures into Reports

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Assuming you are using a fairly recent version of the Word program (2000, xp, 2003), the program can handle pictures better than the old days.  After you insert the picture, in its orginal state, check out this dialog box by right-clicking on the picture and choose "format picture", in the "picture" tab, there is a button at the lower left hand corner, "compress",  I think this will give you a better idea on how Word deals with inserted pictures, and how you should pre-process the pictures before inserting (if necessary).  I'm not sure if my screen shot will come through.....

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	We just had a discussion regarding digital camera's and most of us are
	shooting pictures that take up over 2-4Mb per shot. If I want to copy
	and paste a shot into a Word report (or other OLE based program) which
	will give me the best picture and how do I reduce the resolution and
	size of the embedded picture.
	Here is what I know of Digital world. Resolution such as 7 mega pixel
	relates to the size of the picture taken. In general a 7 mega pixel
	resolution is something around 3072x2304 which is equivalent to an 8x10
	picture. When saved, the file size is nearly 3 Megabytes which would
	create a report full of pictures that is extremely large.
	If I reduce the picture by a copy and paste, am I reducing the size of
	the information embedded into the report without losing sharpness or focus?
	How do you best use these pictures (assuming a normal setting is still
	close to this size) for use in reports or to help the plan checker
	understand the deficiencies on a remodel you are doing?
	Any help?
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