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Re: Embedding pictures into Reports

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At 06:16 AM 2/28/2005 -0800, you wrote:
Actually the real expense of Photoshop is the learning curve, depending upon your hourly rate. Now if you consider this an investment - the program itself is a write-off and you really use what you learn and this new skill or updated skill makes money for you, then the dollar price of the program is fairly insignificant.

Neil Moore, S.E.
shingle springs, ca


This is _so_ true, and just as applicable to the Linux/Mac/Windows debate. I've tried three times to "switch" to Linux, and just find that I don't have the time to learn how to get around. Having learned on DOS (if you don't count the Apple ][) and been one of the first to work on NT (I miss 3.5), I've got a lot of understanding for how windows works...and doesn't. To relearn is a big task.Similarly, I learned photoshop just after they recoded the whole thing in C so they could go PC & Mac. I don't know half of it now, but I know the basics and can do things quickly, so I upgrade every couple of versions. I'm in the process of re-installing all of my software to my new laptop (A Dell Precision M70) and I'm just amazed how much "stuff" I use. I suspect it will take two to three weeks (of evenings) to get it all done and set the way I like it.

As for the topic, you might take a look at the Mihov Image Resizer program ( I got it for personal use as emailing 4MB files to my mother on dialup wouldn't be very nice. It will batch resize - and makes quick work of making things more palatable for Word. Also, if you don't have it in muscle memory yet, "Alt I P F" gets you an explorer box for inserting an image (Alt Insert Picture File). As with CAD, learning the keyboard commands makes things go more quickly in Word, too.

On the topic of utilities I can't live without, try out this file renamer "1-4a Rename" . If you've ever wanted to rename all of your image files quickly (project-date-serial.jpg, for example) this is a godsend. I always have to go back to the help page to get the syntax correct, but it's tremendously versatile. It's also a no-install program - unzip 360kb into a directory and run the exe.


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