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RE: Embedding pictures into Reports

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The digital camera that we have here in the office has three settings for image resolution.  Obviously, they are referred to as "low," "medium," and "high."  Typically, for the work we do here, we use "medium" resolution.  The photos stay in the realms of 1 to 2 megs.  I have included these into Word documents all of the time using "Insert-Image-From File" commands on the "Insert" drop down.  Now this is also on Word '97 (I've been talking with the boss to get this updated).  Anyhow, I have had no problems with that.  I also Crop and Resize within Word using the "Format Picture" command within.  I never use Cut-Paste command for this as many times the image volumn gets very big and blown way out of proportion to what's really there.
My question is, do you really that high of resolution for your photos???  I'm not saying that you should use low resolution, but it might be worth checking out what medium resolution gives you.  You might be able to save a little space there.
Just a couple of thoughts.
Dave Maynard, PE
Gillette, Wyoming