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Re: Precast Prestressed Bridge Beams

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Will Haynes wrote:

Is it common for the EOR to design the AASHTO girders, box beams etc. or does the precast manufacturer usually handle this, like what is done with double tees for buildings? It seems like with standard highway loadings that charts could be developed based on girders sizes and spans/spacings like what has been done with double tees in the PCI manual, but I haven't found any yet.

I can say that we used to "design" the beams, and include the "critical design forces" used in our design. Then the prestress fabricator would promptly ignore our design and just do his own based on our loads.

The problem with "standard beam design" charts for AASHTO girders is there tend to be many more variables involved because of the nature of bridge loading. The state DOT will often have standard designs but they are included in standard width-span bridge detail sheets. Those make for great "rules of thumb," of course, but you have to be careful about extrapolating the data too far, or you end up with too much/not enough dead load camber.

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