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Re: Image Database

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Not very familiar with Access, but if you can get it to read the '.GIF' file format, that would be better as far as file size. BMP's tend to be about 10 times as big as GIF's (haven't studied it out for comparison on JPEG's - but, I seem to remember something similar (was doing some archive stuff for remnants of the old Apollo program down at KSC and remember going thru this 'situation' of finding most efficient file sizes)).

-- john.

mludvik(--nospam--at) wrote:

Access basically stores images as BMP's. It also seems to have some
facility for JPG's, though you get a massive blowout in file size when you
do so. Access uses OLE encapsulation to deal with images. I read somewhere
that there is a highly efficient way to store images by converting them to
some kind of binary data. Not sure how it works exactly, but it involved
macros and generally looked like a nice research project for another day.



How does Access store the files, as a JPG or a BMP?



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