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RE: Structural importance of full-depth shrinkage cracks

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	Kevin Below wrote, "After stripping, self-weight creates a little
compression, but maybe not enough to create net compression anywhere.  The
crack would still be open at the top."
		That's not the way I learned beam action. Are these
continuous spans and the negative moments carry the full self-weight? Or are
they posttensioned and that is maintaining tension in the slab top (your
original post refers to it as a "reinforced concrete slab," so I assume only
mild steel)?
		Please let us know what you finally learn about this.

	And since no one else was a wiseguy, yesterday, I guess it's up to
me: Michael Ludvik wrote, "...I read somewhere
that there is a highly efficient way to store images by converting them to
some kind of binary data."
	Is there another way that our current computers store data?

	Jim Getaz
	Winchester, Virginia

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